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God Might Kill Me, But I Have No Other HOPE…

The passage is found in the Old Testament in the book of Job. The New Living Translation says, in chapter 13 verse 15, “…God might kill me, but I have no other hope…“ It is the most difficult thing to try and communicate upon our return from Southeast Asia: the deep hurt that occurred there. … Continue reading

McMemory: The Apostle Creed & McDonalds

I’m in a love / hate relationship with McDonalds drive-thru. I love the convenience. I hate the time I waste there. I don’t enjoy McDonalds food, but I do enjoy their sweet tea. Often if I am on the road inbetween office and home, or even when traveling, I will swing into a local McDonalds … Continue reading

February: Black History Month, a Giveaway!

February is Black History month! To celebrate and encourage ongoing growth in healing and reconciliation, I am going to giveaway my personal copy of Beyond the Suffering. At the end of this post you will find the instructions on how to qualify for this giveaway! THE HISTORY: Black History Month had its beginnings in 1926 … Continue reading

Something to Read During Lunch

Here are a few links I would suggest you read as you have time. I have tried to include something theological, cultural and comical. Enjoy! Theological: Today a link from Modern Reformation magazine. It is an interview with J.I.Packer on the topic of Unconditional Election. Very easy to read, Packer puts concisely what every believer … Continue reading