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Pizza Hut and the Voice of God

Setting the Scene: I have been praying since before leaving Cambodia that I would become more sensitive to the voice of God. I want to hear him, know his voice, have it be as familiar and recognizable as my own family’s voices. This past week both our older sons were home from Indiana University for their Spring … Continue reading

Parenting through Snow-days & School-cancellations

Unless you live in a location that frequently gets heavy snowfall, you won’t understand this statement: the level of my kids energy is directly porportionate with the depth of the newly fallen snow. How does a Spirit-led, Christian parent react when the TV morning news declares, “School is canceled”? Snow days and school cancellations are … Continue reading

Morel Mushroom Hunting

Yesterday I was able to take a break from the “normalcy” of life and attend an open house for my nephew’s wife, who recently completed her college studies. At their farm in Lakeville, Indiana – just south of South Bend, we joined up with other family members and friends to encourage and celebrate her achievements. … Continue reading