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Developing a Developing Post

Over at 9Marks’ website I came across an article written by Michael McKinley about Four Qualities of a Developer.† (one who would be developing leaders).† I’ve reproduced those qualities below: Humility –† It is easy for your ministry to become (at least in part) about you and your reputation.† If that happens, you won’t be … Continue reading

The Reformed Pastor, part IV – Richard Baxter

The project started by Garry (the Hippopotamus) and I to blog through Richard Baxter‘s the Reformed Pastor has stretched out longer than anticipated, and perhaps desired.† I have been largely to blame for this, as my blogging took a brief hiatus over the past month.† However, we are now back on track and determined to … Continue reading

Sermon Slices 1.10.10

Pastor Rick Smith spoke on James 1:1-8 today, “Joy in Trials” (<mp3) A couple of thoughts from my note-taking: The evidences of God’s grace in the 1/2 brother of Christ, James.† A former scorner and unbeliever, now a leader in the Christian community and author of a New Testament epistle. James, a bond-servant (doulos) – … Continue reading

Action Points for Married Couples

From my reading of The Discipline of Grace come these action points based on 1 Corinthians 13.† Can you think of more?† These are Jerry Bridges originally, I am passing them on to you: I am patient with you because I love you and want to forgive you. I am kind to you because I … Continue reading