Biblical Counseling Conference: Thursday, Day 4

Today I left a message on the message board in the lobby of Faith Baptist Church publicizing this blog – and WordPress suffered a meltdown.  God is sovereign!  What is he teaching me through this?  My blog’s appearance was totally disjointed and I found out many others were as well.  I’m happy to see things ‘back to normal’ now.

One more day in Track 4.  This week has gone by so quickly in some ways and is drawn out in others.  My mind is packed full, and the information seems to be oozing out of my ears.  I still have half a day to go before heading north and back towards home.

Here are the tracks from today:

The morning sessions were split tracks (men / women):

  • Whose Kingdom Come, Whose Will Be Done?  Paul Tripp
  • Helping Men Who Provoke Their Children – Randy Patten
  • Men Who Are Serious About Living in Righteousness – Steve Viars
  • Helping People Overcome Crippling Fear – Lou Priolo
  • How to Be Good and Angry; Part 2 – Paul Tripp
  • Q & A – Randy Patten
  • Broken Down House: Teaching People How to Live Between the Already and Not Yet – Paul Tripp

I am always challenged by Paul Tripp.  He is a powerful speaker.  I wrote notes today till my hand felt like it would fall off.  However, Steve Viars exposition of Judges 13 & 14 spoke the most to me this morning.  As I look back over this week I am looking at major themes that are coming from this conference.  One of these themes is using the narratives of the Old Testament in our personal & professional counseling.  This is a new idea to me, and I am eager to study the narratives more fully.  I believe I will start in Judges and proceed slowly.

Other portions of Scripture that I have renewed eagerness to dive into are: the Psalms, Proverbs and my word study – already started – on “reconciliation” in the New Testament.  Perhaps the most sobering and thought provoking statement from my favorite session of this day is this: “God will be glorified by your life either through blessing or through judgment.”  I desire God to receive glory in my life as I live in faithful obedience to him, ultimately experiencing his blessing.

If you were at the conference, drop a comment and let me know.  I’d like to network further with those of you who were there.

2 thoughts on “Biblical Counseling Conference: Thursday, Day 4

  1. Hello! Saw your note on the message board today, so I dropped by to check out your blog. I’m in Track 1. This is my first exposure to FBC and their ministry. What a blessing…and a challenge! Good to connect with you.

    Ed Groover

  2. Ed –
    Thanks for dropping by! I’m sure the information you obtain this week will be used greatly of God, not only in the people’s lives you encounter, but also your own. Grace to you brother!

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