Posted in March 2009

A Link & Update

A Link: Facebook Faceoff – Boundless Webzine HT: Tim Challies An Update: Social networking has become huge.  Nothing like stating the obvious!  Some of my heaviest days of traffic were when I pondered, To Facebook or Not To Facebook?  Lord willing on Aprill 22nd we’ll be starting a series in our youth group entitled, facebook … Continue reading

The cause of lapses in between posts.

We have been working through James 4 in our look at the Idols of the Heart & the Key to Human Behavior.  If you follow this blog closely at all, you’ve noticed several days since the last post.  This is due to some medical issues I’ve been experiencing and trying to work through.  God is … Continue reading

A Link & Update

A Link: I really appreciate the work of Nathan and Andrew over at the  They repeatedly have solid theological posts, as well as, their interesting Five Points Of Interest.  Check them out! An Update: I am beginning to realize through my reading and study on suffering that we suffer in so many different ways.  … Continue reading

When desires become worship: part two

Yesterday we came to the conclusion that God not only desires fellowship with us (Gen.3:8 demonstrates that we were created for this very purpose), but also, He commands that we worship Him for His glory (Isaiah 43:7 for example).  So the conclusion is that we have desires to worship, and we do worship…something… all the … Continue reading