Posted in October 2009

Dr.Campbell Morgan on Worship – quote

Men worship, not when they listen to preaching, not when they are attentive to the form and fashion of music, not when they are thinking of a table upon which the emblems are spread; but when they pass through the preaching, and when they pass beyond the emblems, and when they are face to face … Continue reading

Win a copy of Sacred Friendships by Dr. Bob Kellemen!

As you recall, Grace Dependent took part in a “blog tour” reviewing and promoting Dr. Kellemen & Susan Ellis’ latest release, Sacred Friendships.  You can read my review here and see others blog review’s by clicking here. To become eligible to receive an autographed copy of the book Sacred Friendships, all you need to do … Continue reading

Theological Thursday!

Transcendence – The attribute of God that refers to being wholly and distinctly separate from creation (although always actively involved in and with it as well).  The declaration that God is transcendant means that God is “above” the world and comes to creation from “beyond”.  During the medieval era God’s transcendence was especially emphasized, as … Continue reading

Are you a “Nouthetic Counselor”?

Who is qualified to counsel nouthetically?  As we peer into the pages of Scripture, we see that it is assumed that all Christians should be engaging in NC.  Two key passages say so quite explicitly: Romans 15:14 and Colossians 3:16. Do you realize that everyone counsels, but not all counsel biblically?  Think back over this … Continue reading

The different forms of the Word of God

When someone refers to the Word of God it is generally assumed that they are referring to the Holy Scriptures.  This, generally, is a safe assumption.  However, there are two basic forms of the “Word of God” as revealed within our Scripture.  Perhaps you’ve not thought of this, or maybe it’s escaped your notice; I … Continue reading