Personal Study: 2010 goals

I’ve spent several hours mulling over what I should study personally from God’s Word and other resources for 2010.  Perhaps the biggest challenge for me in 2010 will be to give 10% of my time throughout every day in personal study and reflection.  It’s a challenge I’m imposing on myself because I feel the pull of distraction from various aspects of my life.  If I am to be effective in my ministry, family and as an individual, I feel that I must commit this time to my personal relationship with God.

Here’s what I intend to do:

  • Study (Mondays-Fridays): Translate, exegete and produce practical application from:
    • Matthew 5, 6 & 7
    • Romans 12
    • Colossians 3
  • Daily Scripture Reading (Sunday-Saturday) – Read a Psalm & chapter from Proverbs daily; restarting each book as required.  I will also follow the reading plan laid out by Calvary Baptist Church.
  • Memorization (Mondays-Fridays): Matthew 5-7
  • Daily Prayer: personal, familial, and ministry related
  • Reading (Mondays-Fridays): A variety of theological, contemporary Christian and Puritan works.  This is necessitated by clearing my “reading shelf” of books I did not read or finish last year.

This revamping of my personal study time was driven, in part, by two blog posts: one from James MacDonald and the other by Kevin DeYoung being interviewed by C J Mahaney.  Here are the links to the Mahaney interview: part one and part two; I’ll summarize MacDonald’s thoughts below:

How to Benefit from the Bible:

  1. Read it! Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading God’s Word
  2. Question it!
    1. What portion of my reading stands out to me?
    2. Why does this part have my attention?
    3. Is there an example for me to follow?
    4. Is there an error for me to avoid?
    5. Is there a duty for me to perform?
    6. Is there any promise for me to claim?
    7. Is there any sin that I should confess?
  3. Plan it! Make a plan of action.
  4. Pray it!
  5. Share it! (Hebrews 10:24; Isaiah 40:8)

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