Posted on January 10, 2010

Sermon Slices 1.10.10

Pastor Rick Smith spoke on James 1:1-8 today, “Joy in Trials” (<mp3) A couple of thoughts from my note-taking: The evidences of God’s grace in the 1/2 brother of Christ, James.  A former scorner and unbeliever, now a leader in the Christian community and author of a New Testament epistle. James, a bond-servant (doulos) – … Continue reading

How to Talk to God: a guide in prayer

Dr. Bob Kellemen has posted a well-written essay on the spiritual discipline of Prayer.  You can also download the post, FREE for your use here.  (It is also reproduced in it’s entirety below) This will help you greatly with this spiritual discipline: How to Talk to God: CHRIST There’s no more important question in life … Continue reading

Puritan Poetry: Anne Bradstreet

May your soul rejoice in God today.  May you seek Him with your whole heart and passionately anticipate His Son’s return. My soul, rejoice thou in thy God, Boast of Him all the day, Walk in His law, and kiss His rod Cleave close to Him alway. What though thy outward man decay, Thy inward … Continue reading