8 practical questions that came to mind from Psalm 28

Our CBC reading plan has us in Psalm 28 today.  Here are some of my thoughts, originally posted at my “microblog”, but reproduced here as well.  What other questions could we ask ourselves from Psalm 28?

  • What are the times that I recognize my need for help from God? (v.1)
    • Take time to identify areas in your life where total dependence on God is needed.
    • Don’t be tempted to just say, “I need to be dependent in every area”.  While that is true, it does not help you overall.
    • Be specific.  Say, “I need God’s help with ________________ “.
    • Ask yourself, “What area of life am I in need of God’s help right now?”
  • What areas can I identify in my behavior and thinking that are not righteous? (v.3)
    • We know that we are sinners.
    • In what areas of life are you practicing wrong behavior?
    • In what areas of thinking are you practicing sinful thoughts?
  • Where do I find it easy to deceive others? (v.3)
    • When am I tempted to manipulate someone else’s thoughts about myself?
  • What specific ways has God answered my prayers? (v.6)
    • You pray for God to hear your specific requests, now, take some time to record how He has specifically answered those requests.
    • Make a “prayed for” list and a “praise for” list.
  • In what areas of my life can I be more dependent on God? (v.7)
    • Where are the weakest?
    • Where do you need strength?
    • What areas of life do you need defense?
  • When am I most likely to let my emotions rule my behavior, thinking or speech? (v.7)
    • We all react emotionally to certain triggers in our lives.  Identify those times – make a list of them.
  • How can I encourage other Christians going through difficult times? (v.8)
    • What is true for you the Christian individual is true for all Christians.  God’s character doesn’t vary person to person.
    • Because of that, what have you learned that you can pass on to someone else?
    • Identify hurting people in your life; make a list and an action plan to encourage them.
  • How can I be more specific in my prayer life? (v.9)
    • Who do you pray for?
    • Do you pray for the church locally?  nationally?  globally?
    • Are you praying for specific needs that need to be met in your Christian brothers and sisters lives?

Additional Resource:

Manipulation: The Subtle Addiction by Ed Welch – an audio podcast

One thought on “8 practical questions that came to mind from Psalm 28

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