Five Great Truths Regarding the Cross & Your Life

In my continued reading of Mark Driscoll’s book, Death by Love, I found that he put succinctly “five great truths regarding the theology of the cross and your life.  I’ve reproduced them below for your encouragement as well:

  • You were created for God’s glory – Isaiah 43:6-7
  • Everything in your life is an opportunity to glorify God – 1 Corinthians 10:31
  • Rather than glorifying God, you will have a sinful tendency to do what you think will make you happy, and you will end up sinning. – Romans 3:23
  • When you choose happiness over God’s glory, enduring joy is impossible.  You wind up pursuing things besides the glory of God (e.g., life, friends, comfort, pleasure – ironically all gifts from God) rather than God himself.
  • Your pleasure is found in God alone; as God is glorified, your joy is satisfied.

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