Adopting for Life conference – SBTS – Louisville (2.26-2.27)

Today my wife and I will be attending the Adopting for Life conference held at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  At the end of 2009 I began to feel a real concern for adoption.  I kept my feelings to myself…after all we are a blessed family with five children.  At the beginning of the year I expressed my interest in learning more about adoption to my wife.  We agreed to just learn about it.  Then I received word of the AFL conference in February.  I proceeded to gather some books and resources to read more about the Christian’s role and duty in adoption.  I spoke of our interest to attend the conference with our Senior Pastor in the early days of January.

Then the earthquake  in Haiti.  Thousands more orphaned.

Then following our teaching schedule laid out in 2009 for 2010, in James, two weeks after Haiti’s earthquake I was privileged to speak on James 1:27 and the Church’s duty to care for orphans & widows.  Several people in our church expressed interest in brainstorming how they could help our church fulfill our duty.

Which brings us to today.  My wife and I find ourselves in Louisville attending the Adopting for Life conference.  We’ll be home late Saturday night and then on Tuesday evening we will gather with those folks who expressed interest in brainstorming orphan care/adoption duty to kick-off our church’s practical care idea session.  Very exciting!

Here’s our schedule.

We’ll be taking these breakout sessions:

You can follow the Adopting for Life attendees as they tweet if you save search hashtag: #AFL2010.

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