Posted in August 2011

Two Foods Linked Most with Weight Loss

And they’re not what you think! I thought it would be some sort of mixture of fruit and vegetables. Nope! I received a tweet with a link from Psychology Today with an article entitled, “What Are the Two Foods Most Strongly Linked to Successful Weight Loss?” I was surprised at the results and thought I … Continue reading

Cone of Shame: Lesson in Blindspots

We recently had our young Australian Shepherd spayed. And, yes, she came home with the “cone of shame”. If you haven’t heard that term, you probably haven’t been into the animated Pixar movies, especially the one entitled, “UP!”. I leave you to google that – suffice it to say, it’s one of my favorites. When … Continue reading

Michael Vick: Portrait of Grace

Unless you’ve been under the proverbial rock, you’ve heard that Michael Vick was awarded a very nice contract with the Philadelphia Eagles for his work in the NFL. I think the story of Michael Vick is one that shouts “Grace!!!” from beginning to end. Here’s why: A Self-Made History: Vick played college ball for Virginia … Continue reading

Charles Spurgeon on Interacting With the Depressed

As I continue slowly going through David Murray’s “Christians Get Depressed Too” resource on depression, I have come across a timely quote from Charles Spurgeon. We have seen the eight reasons why we need to instruct ourselves in this area of depression, and tomorrow we will continue to look into it’s complexity. Today we should … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: 1986

Yesterday we took our son to Indiana University to begin his collegiate career. I couldn’t help but think back to when I enrolled in college. Music was a large part of my life, and so I looked up the top 10 songs of 1986. The ones that have links were some of my favorites. The … Continue reading