Hitting the Links: Suffering & Soothing

Today I thought I would give a few links that deal with Suffering and Soothing (or comforting those who suffer). Not all are “Christian” posts, but all have a great deal to offer. Enjoy!:

Depression and Chronic Pain at the HALANAKLAMPBLOG. If I could only give one article for someone to read on both these complex issues, this would rank in the top ten. A wonderfully concise, yet thorough article describing what both these issues are and their effects.

A post simply titled, Comfort at Christian Devotionals. One mom’s experiences expressed with her comfort derived from the Scriptures. A quick encouraging read.

God’s Comfort During Affliction, from a post originally posted in 2008 at Standing on Shoulders. When we suffer and are comforted by God, what then is our purpose in life?

Increasing Controversy over a Surgical Treatment for Back Pain – not the article you want to read when scheduling your own spinal fusion. But it is a valid opinon; find it at Back Pain Daily News.

And while this next article really isn’t “technically” suffering or soothing, I found it very well written. It is at the RPM Ministries website, and written by friend Dr.Bob Kellemen:

Responding Wisely to Conflict in Ministry. A must read for all those in ministry and church leadership.

Chance to Interact: Which article did you find the most helpful or interesting?

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