Posted in December 2011

Counselor’s Tools: Using H.A.L.T. as a Guide

Identifying Key Risk Factors in Your Counselee’s Life: I believe that part of Biblical Counseling should be the educating of your counselee so that they no longer need your constant “services”. In other words, equip your counselee to be able to make wise decisions in their time away from you. Give them the tools they … Continue reading

Right Idea – Wrong Words

Yesterday I blogged a post entitled, “Top Ten Mistakes Made by Suffering Pastors“. This post kind of dovetails with that one. Regardless of position in church, when one individual desires to comfort another, often they communicate something correct using the “wrong” words. Let me give you my top five: Right Idea, Wrong Words: “God’s Sovereign” … Continue reading

Top Ten Mistakes Made by Suffering Pastors

Top Ten Mistakes Made by Suffering¬† Pastors: In your dealing with others: Act as if you have it all together What we say: “Nothing is wrong” or “I’ve got it under control” What we do: Present a deceitful front to our people and rob them an opportunity¬† to minister to us Fail to be transparent … Continue reading

Christmas Photos: Church Mag

I wanted to provide a quick link to Church Mag’s Christmas Photo’s blog post. Just a few pictures that were sent in…and one of mine happened to make it on yesterday’s post. There is still time to send pics in and Eric states that he will post them. Click through and check them out. Some … Continue reading

13 Years Ago…

Thirteen years ago God broke me. I was stubborn, resistant, and actively pursuing a life away from him. Christmas night, 1998, I found myself sitting next to my gun cabinet in our tiny living room. I love Christmas, but this holiday had brought no joy. I was now at the “end of my rope” and … Continue reading