Posted in January 2012

When Trials Come

When Trials Come Lyrics Keith and Kristyn Getty Words and Music by Keith and Kristyn Getty When trials come no longer fear For in the pain our God draws near To fire a faith worth more than gold And there His faithfulness is told And there His faithfulness is told Within the night I know … Continue reading

My Next Adventure with Coffee: Home Roasting

I just have to try this! I was speaking with Nate McLaurin (Christ’s Covenant Church – Winona Lake) at the St.Regis Club in downtown Warsaw on Friday night and he made a passing remark about this process. So, with a little help from Google, I found this video which demonstrates the process wonderfully. Its about … Continue reading

On the Comfort of the Omnipresence of God

Lastly, to the righteous this doctrine is a source of abundant consolation. In every place they meet a friend, a protector, and a father. Does the voice of thunder, or the raging of the ocean, of the fury of the tempest, announce his presence? They have nothing to fear, for love to them presides over … Continue reading

Sexual Confusion & the Gospel

This Friday evening and Saturday will find me attending a conference in Winona Lake, Indiana. Sexual Confusion and the Gospel conference has the stated purpose: To joyfully celebrate and uphold the beauty, goodness, and wisdom of God’s standards for human sexuality against the folly of our age. The two speakers at this conference will be: … Continue reading