Planned Parenthood: Why I Can’t Retweet Your Tweet

Let’s define my terms: (all definitions located in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

  • pro-choice” – favoring the legalization of abortion
  • abortion” – the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus; spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation [we term this miscarriage]; induced expulsion of a human fetus
  • sexy” – sexually suggestive or stimulating; erotic

Planned Parenthood – My Response:

Let’s take a quick look at this tweet:

RT if you think being #prochoice is #sexy!

I am somewhat disturbed that Planned Parenthood (PPact) is putting forward the suggestion that favoring the death of a fetus is somehow erotic. Even for people who assume that abortion is just a medical procedure – is that really stimulating to the point that you would say it was “sexy”? What I see in the tweet is that PPact has no problem promoting this culture of death, even suggesting that it is “sexy” to be in favor of the “…induced expulsion of a human fetus…” I know that “pro-life” supporters have gone over the edge at times with disturbing pictures of aborted fetuses, (a practice that I also find horrific), but I’ve never heard them associate their stance with the erotic. I think PPact has once again pushed the envelope.

I don’t know how PPact has their social networking department set up – so we can give them the benefit of the doubt if they come out and tweet an apology for the awkward stance that someone with access to their Twitter account assumed. I’ve tweeted a few things I wish I hadn’t – I understand how it can happen. Even if I choose to delete it, you just know it’s sitting in Big Brother’s Tweet-saver computer. (ha) The point is, words mean things and we need to examine what we tweet.

Lastly, as far as this tweet is concerned, it really doesn’t matter what “I” or “you” think. This is getting to the core of what is behind the tweet. The assumption of PPact is that we all have ownership over our own bodies. The struggle that PPact has is not an ownership issue, it is a worship issue. As much as we would want to think that we have ownership over our bodies, the fact remains that it just isn’t so. And, yes, this is going to lead me to the Bible. Truth is, that we were not created to simply indulge our selfish desires. We were created for a much higher purpose! The desired purpose for each and every one of us from our Creator is that we bring God glory. It is a simple truth, but a glorious one. There is God who has created you, even if you refuse to acknowledge that, and desires a relationship with you. This relationship is made possible through his Son, Jesus Christ. We’ve made plenty of choices that result in sinful behavior – another truth of Scripture. These choices push us far away from a holy God. The good news is that God moved toward us in love, through this Son who paid our eternal debt and made peace with him. He offers eternal life to those who would accept it. When we accept this free gift, we enter into an abundant life in which we find our greatest joy in bringing God glory. It truly something to think about.

Planned Parenthood – My Desire:

It is my desire that the individuals who compose PPact  would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is going to be the catalyst that will effect change in their lives. I appreciate their desire to ensure safe healthcare for pregnant women. I would wish that the Church would also be as passionate about our neighbors, co-workers and family members who may be walking through an intense time of life. I would desire that we compassionately embrace these families that may not understand their purpose in life. I would desire that PPact not continue to embrace and promote a culture of death, but rather seek to come to value life as God, our Creator, has intended.

Here’s a Tweet I Could RT:

RT if you think #GlorifyingGod is #satisfying!

Webpage for Right to Life national organization

Kosciusko County Right to Life

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