Posted in April 2012

Mrs. Kennedy & Me – Clint Hill

Today as I drove the hour to and from Ft.Wayne’s NeuroSpine Unit at Lutheran Hospital, I finished listening to Mrs. Kennedy & Me written by Secret Service Agent Clint Hill. I purchase my audiobooks from and listen to them on my Galaxy S smartphone. I enjoy reading memoirs and books of history, particularly American … Continue reading

Confidence: Valley of Vision

O God, You are very great, My lot is to approach you with godly fear and humble confidence, for your condescension equals your grandeur, and your goodness is your glory. I am unworthy, but you still welcome; guilty, but you are merciful; indigent, but your riches are unsearchable. You have shown boundless compassion towards me … Continue reading

Originally posted on One Beat Blog:
Coffee and leadership go hand in hand. Sometimes, the best leadership advice that I could give you would be to drink a cup of coffee. I don’t know if there are any leadership books out there that revolve around coffee but I firmly believe that I could be the…

Do You Have a “Child-Centered” Home?

Yesterday I posted a couple of quotes on parenting that I picked up in some Biblical Counseling training I have recently received. Today, to continue that theme, I would like to share some aspects of a “Child-Centered” home. These were received in my notes from Faith Ministries. They are not original with me. How do … Continue reading

Pride & Prejudice in Parenting

Yesterday, (Monday, April 9), I spent a day in Biblical Counseling Training at Faith Ministries in Lafayette, IN. The day was broken into two basic sections: Lecture & Case Observation. The lectures were covering parenting and related issues. It was encouraging to be reminded of several aspects of biblical parenting and challenging to see where … Continue reading