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She Wrote Her Name on My Hand: Haiti

I was the last of our group to enter the construction site. We were led there by the pastor’s wife, Esther, who felt Holy Spirit was telling her to visit this home. Although the owners of the property were not available, there were a couple of men mixing concrete by hand and fashioning them into … Continue reading

Show Mercy, Not Sacrifices

A couple of days ago I was reading in Matthew 9 in one of my Lent devotionals. Matthew 9 that day just seemed jammed packed of lessons that leaped off the page at me. But it was this section I thought that I might blog about: (Matthew 9:9-13) NLT 9¬†As Jesus was walking along, he … Continue reading

Buying the Lie

This video, produced by Trafficking Hope, is about the most powerful video I’ve seen making a direct correlation of pornography to sex trafficking and sex slavery. It is highly uncomfortable to watch. What makes it uncomfortable is the truth it represents. I’ve blogged recently about how pornography fuels the human and sex trafficking industry. In … Continue reading

4 Common Myths about Commercial Sex

Original article at Shared Hope. Myth: Child Sex Trafficking is not happening in the United States. Fact: Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), which is the commercial sexual exploitation of children through buying, selling, or trading their sexual services, is happening in the United States. Forms of DMST include prostitution, pornography, stripping and other sexual acts.[1] … Continue reading

What Do You Stand For?

On March 5-15 students across the nation will be standing for 27 hours as part of the anti-slavery movement. There are 27 million slaves in the world today – more than at any time of human history. We cannot sit idly by and watch this injustice happen. What are you standing for? Get more information … Continue reading