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A New Year, A New Pastor: Meet Kirk Barger; pt.2 of 4

Yesterday I began a 4 part series of an interview with Kirk Barger, our new Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church.  The interview began with a few questions about his personal interests, hobbies and the like.  Today delves into Pastor Kirk’s passion for biblical counseling.  I am personally excited for the opportunity to serve with … Continue reading

A Link & Update

A Link: Unashamed Workman has a great video clip under his latest post entitled, “A Little Friday Fun“.  It features Alistair Begg answering some “difficult” questions.  Also seen are James MacDonald – it all took place backstage at the Preach the Word conference. An Update: Last week I was at Faith Baptist‘s Biblical Counseling Training … Continue reading

Biblical Counseling Conference: Thursday, Day 4

Today I left a message on the message board in the lobby of Faith Baptist Church publicizing this blog – and WordPress suffered a meltdown.  God is sovereign!  What is he teaching me through this?  My blog’s appearance was totally disjointed and I found out many others were as well.  I’m happy to see things … Continue reading