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Pizza Hut and the Voice of God

Setting the Scene: I have been praying since before leaving Cambodia that I would become more sensitive to the voice of God. I want to hear him, know his voice, have it be as familiar and¬†recognizable¬†as my own family’s voices. This past week both our older sons were home from Indiana University for their Spring … Continue reading

Parenting through Snow-days & School-cancellations

Unless you live in a location that frequently gets heavy snowfall, you won’t understand this statement: the level of my kids energy is directly porportionate with the depth of the newly fallen snow. How does a Spirit-led, Christian parent react when the TV morning news declares, “School is canceled”? Snow days and school cancellations are … Continue reading

Morel Mushroom Hunting

Yesterday I was able to take a break from the “normalcy” of life and attend an open house for my nephew’s wife, who recently completed her college studies. At their farm in Lakeville, Indiana – just south of South Bend, we joined up with other family members and friends to encourage and celebrate her achievements. … Continue reading