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Taboo: Happy, Except When I’m Not

Qualifier: Jesus Christ continues to graciously, and patiently, take me to the next level. These posts are my simple processing of that journey. Today at our church, Mission Point Community Church, our pastor, Kondo Simfukwe, started a new sermon series called, “Taboo: Happy, Except When I’m Not”. The series is on emotions. I realize that … Continue reading

Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters

It’s always the most awkward part of my Thursday: standing alone outside a classroom of second-graders, coat in hand, waiting for them to exit so that they can wash their hands before eating lunch. And then I hear the teacher say, “Bus driver, take us safely to the restroom.” (by the way, making the leader … Continue reading

On the Comfort of the Omnipresence of God

Lastly, to the righteous this doctrine is a source of abundant consolation. In every place they meet a friend, a protector, and a father. Does the voice of thunder, or the raging of the ocean, of the fury of the tempest, announce his presence? They have nothing to fear, for love to them presides over … Continue reading