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Should the Government Tax Violent Video Games?

I read this interesting, short article posted by Vodkapundit: Next Up: Subsidies for Happy Thoughts. I’ve reproduced it in it’s entirety, but click through the link and check out some other thought provoking articles: You know what we don’t have enough of? Taxes on make-believe. Fortunately, we do have overweening politicians: An Oklahoma lawmaker has … Continue reading

Pizza: A Blessing and a Curse

The Blessing: I recall fondly those Sundays in the early 1980’s when my parents made the monumental switch from a traditional, home-cooked Sunday dinner to Domino’s Pizza (delivery). We went from a beef roast (that may be dry or medium-rare, depending on how long my dad preached), potatoes, and carrots to 2 large Pepperoni pizzas, … Continue reading

How to Change Your Wife by Faith: Study Her

This is a continuation of a series of posts summarizing James MacDonald’s booklet, “How to: Change your Wife by Faith”. You can find the previous posts here: post 1 and post 2. The entire booklet is centered around one verse written to men, 1 Peter 3:7, which says: Likewise, you husbands, dwell with them with … Continue reading

Your one stop “shop” for solid Christian blogs!

If you want exposure to solid Christianity in the blogosphere, My Christian Blogs is your one-stop shop.  There you can find some of the biggest names in Christian blogging.  You will be encouraged, challenged and prayerfully changed as you read the content of these blogs.  Check this wonderful resource out today! You’ll want to return … Continue reading

A Link & Update

A Link: Unashamed Workman has a great video clip under his latest post entitled, “A Little Friday Fun“.  It features Alistair Begg answering some “difficult” questions.  Also seen are James MacDonald – it all took place backstage at the Preach the Word conference. An Update: Last week I was at Faith Baptist‘s Biblical Counseling Training … Continue reading