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Letting the Ink Speak for Itself

I have four tattoos. Two are related to my family and two are related to my faith. Both faith related tats are in foreign languages: Thai and Khmer. They have become conversation starters – primarily with other people who have ink, but not necessarily always so. Let me relate a story from today that demonstrates … Continue reading

I’ve Given Up Trying to be Strong

One of the authors that I hold in highest regard is J.I. Packer. In fact I would consider him to be one of the more important theologians, and critical thinkers, of my lifetime. I was able to download his book Weakness is the Way from Audible.com upon our return from Southeast Asia. I, honestly, had … Continue reading

Life without Terror and Discouragement

I am utilizing Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan this year for my personal reading plan. You may know that Tim Challies has encouraged many of his blog audience to go through this plan together as well. I started using this plan last year…and then my physical health world kind of turned upside down. Click through … Continue reading

Post-op Update: One Step at a Time.

Sunday morning: the coffee cup is drained and the house is quiet.  I am left alone to think about this past week.  Yes, it has almost been 7 days since I had back surgery.  I would like to update those who read this blog, and then, prayerfully, get back into the business of blogging regularly. … Continue reading